Workplace safety tips

Dry Riser TestingTips to keeping your workplace safe from fire

It is important to understand the significance of fire safety and be prepared when a fire emergency strikes. Fire safety at workplaces is a collective responsibility of every workforce as unsafe behavior by just one person would put everyone in the structure at risk. A fire plan is essential for every workplace. A fire plan ensures that all the workers vacate the building safely.

Here are tips for keeping your workplace safe from fire

Provision of escape routes.

All the workers should be aware of the escape plan and the escape options. There should be a minimum of two escape routes. The path towards the exit should be free of obstacles to avoid tripping and falling. The routes must be marked clearly. The doors to the escape routes should remain open.


The fire extinguishers should always be present in your workplace. Fire extinguishers can serve to put out a fire if it is arrested in time. There should be quite a number of the extinguishers placed at strategic points through the building. It is important to ensure the fire extinguishers are in good working conditions by inspecting them regularly. It is also important to train the workers on how to use the extinguishers, and also test dry risers and other fire safety equipment regularly.

Fire evacuations.

Each workplace should have a plan for evacuation. All the employees must be aware of the evacuation points.

The plan should allow that every employee checks in with someone else to ensure all workers assemble in one common place.

Emergency phone numbers and company address should be posted by the phone station for quick access.

Adherence to OSHA’s fire safety guidelines and make sure the workplace is in compliance.

Maintenance of the machines in your workplace to prevent overheating and friction sparks

Report electrical hazards. The electrical repairs should only be attempted by qualified and authorized personnel.

Check the flammable chemicals and substances should be properly stored.