Getting a credit card with bad credit

Credit Card for Bad CreditYou are seeking to obtain a credit card and unfortunately have a history of bad debt on any of your current or prior outstanding loans?

Do not get disheartened as this is not a final verdict and there are a number of solutions for such scenario. For instance, if the delay or non-payment of the previous loans have happened not through your fault, but because of force majeure, you may supply corresponding evidence to the bank. This may be for example a document to state that the employer has detained your salary on one or more occasions, or – a document confirming that you have been made redundant from your previous job due to staff reduction as a result of crisis. This could allow you to get a credit card with bad credit with one or more financial institutions. Another explanatory factor could be an information about some serious illness that had prevented you from timely repayment of previous loans.

If you are still “struggling” with a bad credit, while the interest on outstanding loan keeps pouring in, and is of a rather considerable sum, in order to get a new loan, e.g. in the form of credit card, you will need to restructure the old loan. Talk to your bank where you have your accounts held, and find a mutually acceptable resolution. As a general rule, the banks prefer not having any bad debtors whatsoever, therefor they are willing to talk over a restructuring option and get their money paid back eventually. In this case, it will be revised repayment terms for the debt, interest rates, and a new repayment schedule.

If you have an extremely hopeless bad credit history, and you are denied in all banks, then your only option could be use of credit brokerage services. Their main function is to act as mediators between banks and their clients. Credit brokers seek out the most advantageous loan program for you, find a way to help improve credit history and solve issues related to documentation.

One more option would be filing an application for obtaining credit card online. The more applications in different banks you file, the more likely that one of them will respond to your request positively.

As you can see, a bad credit history is not the end of all hopes for acquiring a credit card. However, the best option is to be alert on your credit history and do not allow “overruns”. Timely repayment of the debt guarantees your not facing any difficulties with obtaining new credit card or a new loan when you need it most.

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